Fit Solar Systems is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company located in Toronto, Ontario, the hub of the largest solar energy initiative in the world. As a leader in renewable energy development, Fit Solar develops and implements PV solar systems. We have over 20 years experience developing commercial and industrial projects.

At Fit Solar Systems, customer service is key; therefore we are committed to ensuring that you get the best service experience throughout all stages of your project.   This means that we help you obtain financing, offer system monitoring, provide you with quality equipment and pass on volume discount pricing.

Go Green – Go Solar, because now is the time to make a change to protect our future.


What We Do!

Lease your roof space to Fit Solar Systems and in-turn get paid. We sell the energy produced to the city, changing the power the province supplies to something that is much cleaner and better for the environment.

You make money and increase the value of your property while providing clean power for everyone.
The OPA has created a program that encourages the development of renewable energy projects across Ontario. The program delivers significant benefits to project developers – including communities and Aboriginal groups – as well as equipment suppliers and installers, consumers and the overall provincial economy.


FIT Program Benefits

The FIT program will encourage further investment in generation, transmission and distribution, so that even more renewable energy sources can be incorporated into Ontario’s electricity system.

The FIT program is designed to give developers and their lenders the confidence needed to undertake projects – and to enable Ontario to build a reliable and sustainable electricity system.

The FIT program also provides opportunities to assist Aboriginal and community – based projects for renewable energy.

The Made-in-Ontario FIT program combines lessons learned from Germany, Spain, Denmark and other jurisdictions with the unique characteristics of Ontario’s electricity system.


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