Green EnergyIntroduced in 2006 by Premier McGuinty, the Green Energy Act has been one of the most progressive initiatives of its time. In 2009, it became Law and propelled Ontario towards its goal of becoming a leader in the development of renewable energy, clean energy distribution and conservation.

By encouraging the advancement of renewable energy resources, Ontario will help create a sustainable energy economy that mitigates climate change and engages our communities to take part in building a world-class green industrial sector.
During the recent Ontario Energy Board hearings, evidence was presented that indicated a renewable-powered electricity system based on conservation and efficiency would be anywhere from eleven percent to thirty-two percent less costly than the proposed Ontario Power Authority’s Integrated  Power System Plan.

With continuous progression in the advancement of green technology conversion efficiency coupled with cost reductions, it is safe to say that the Green Energy Act will help Ontario actualize its plan to build a world leading clean-tech industry that will meet its aggressive energy targets by